Friday, May 20, 2016

2016 Reads - #49 - 52

Excited to have knocked out two more books from my queue with this round!

Moonflower Vine is a classic read that's really flown under the radar. It was actually published in 1962! It starts slow, but then the story really picks up. It's divided into stories about the members of the family - parents and their daughters. Each story has an unexpected secret/twist. It really is a beautiful, timeless read that's worth checking out if you haven't had the chance in the last 55 years!

Sprint: Solve Big Problems And Test New Ideas In Just Five Days was a book I happened upon at the library. It was an interesting process to read about. I'm still overwhelmed (and predictably be so) about how I might implement the whole process, but there were definitely activities and structures that I think I could use.

Sisterland was. . . interesting. I love Curtis Sittenfeld. Man of My Dreams is THE defining book of my twenties. This book is in a completely different vein. The story is about two twin sisters who have psychic abilities. One of the sisters predicts an earthquake in St. Louis, and it goes from there. I use the word interesting because is the last 1/4 of the book, it really goes in a whole different direction. It wasn't bad, it was just unexpected. Once you get into this one, it's hard to put down. Also, if you've not read Curtis Sittenfeld, you MUST.

Not That Kind of Girl was one lent to me from a friend. I'm actually not that familiar with Lena Dunham as I don't know watch Girls at all. It was a good read. I liked the variety of essays and the honesty with which she talked about her past (embarrassing stories and all) and what she'd learned along the way.