Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lessons in Closet Organization

In preparation for an upcoming garage sale, I've been cleaning and cleaning AND cleaning our apartment. Hands down, the biggest endeavor has been my closet. It's been a process, and I didn't realize just how much "stuff" I'd gotten rid of until this weekend when I spent two Lifetime movies and a Royals game (aka eight-ish hours) pricing the former residents of my closet. Here are some things I have learned through this process:
  • I wear a lot of stripes. Too many stripes. All the stripes. I wasn't even aware of how much my wardrobe had been overrun with stripes. I don't even know if I like stripes? I am no longer buying anything with stripes.
  • Just because I like a clothing item doesn't mean I need to buy it in all of the colors. One of something is just fine to start.
  • It is better to buy something at close to full price that I love and can wear often than to buy something on sale that I only sort of like and don't really wear.
  • Things I Have Bought in Excess/Can No Longer Buy Any Time Soon: Grey cardigans, Black pants, White v-necks and Scarves in any/all forms.
  • If I feel "meh" about something, it has no place in my wardrobe.
  • When I went back through my clothes to price them for the sale, I had little remorse. The only things I even "took back" were a baseball tee, a black v-neck (to go with all the scarves I own) and a pair of blue shorts. I don't know how and/or why I was housing so many things.
Now that this project is done, I can honestly say that I love everything that is in my closet. Each item (depending on the appropriate occasion) has a chance of being worn. I also already feel like I've become a better shopper. When I see things, I think much, much more about if I really want to bring them home. I'm not buying just to buy, rather I'm finding things that I'll actually look forward to wearing. There was a time that I thought the quantity of clothes I owned matter, and I now know that the quality of what I have is so much more important.