Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Menagerie - 5/23

Welcome to Monday on the blog. This is the day where I give you a post with a whole bunch of unrelated topics and thoughts that aren't enough to be stand-alone posts, so they land together here:
  • Will someone please try those Root Beer and Orange Crush Pop-Tarts and let me know how they are?
  • I'm convinced the reason I'll never win the lottery is that I use all my good luck on things like "getting home from the gym five minutes before it downpours." (I'm glad to not be soaking wet, but still.)
  • I watched a Lifetime movie this weekend with Chris Klein. 
  • This haul of VHS tapes were by our apartment trash yesterday. It was the perfect picture of 90s awesomeness. I went back today, and they were in the actual trash. It was sad.

  • We are currently house-hunting. One of the houses had this globe collection that I am now obsessed with and really, really want. Not interested in the house, but would pay for these globes. (FYI - I am the curator of a small, yet growing globe and map collection that adorns our guest bedroom.) I have hopes that they'll have a moving sale where they'll sell them. . . Stay tuned.

  • Tonight begins the two-night finale of Dancing With The Stars. I want Nyle to win, and I would also be happy with Paige taking home the mirror ball. Also, I unapologetically LOVE this show.