Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pieces of Me - My Favorite Shoes

I bought these shoes ten years ago. . . aka a decade ago. . . aka #wut. They've been literally everywhere with me over the years. They are (sort of) falling apart, but I still wear them out and about on a regular basis, including last night to meet up with friends in Lawrence (where our adventures together began). I have tried many times to buy another pair online to no avail because let's be real, BC isn't still making shoes they made in 2006. I've even tried to find a comparable pair also to no avail. So, I plan on keeping these until they actually fall apart, and even then, I'll probably find a way to patch them up, so they can last forever. I love them so much I even kicked off a regular feature on the blog with an ode to them. Cheers to the best shoes I've ever own. If you see me out and about today, I guarantee I'll be rocking them.