Tuesday, June 7, 2016

On Who I Thought I'd Be

I've been doing a massive cleaning of my apartment in preparation for an upcoming garage sale and just because I need to in general. One of today's smaller tasks was cleaning out some binders where I keep magazine articles that I think I might want to reference someday. As I made some edits, it was an interesting trip back. I've had these binders since my mid-twenties, and I learned some things about past/current/future me:

  • I apparently thought my social life was going to be way more exciting than it really is at this point in life. There were a lot of articles on entertaining.
  • I saved a lot of articles on cleaning. I should probably spend less time saving these and more time, well, cleaning.
  • I guess I have long aspired to have some sort of beauty routine. At this point, it's not happening.
  • Same with a fancy exercise routine.
  • I saved lots of articles for skills I already have, namely writing notes.
  • I had every of the articles with listing of online sites I've never once gone to.
  • Reader's Digest has the most helpful content I've saved.
  • My taste in decor is pretty unwavering and timeless. I like my style.
  • The travelling and packing articles I saved are actually now going to come in handy.
  • Same with the articles on house hunting and other adulting things. Good work, Past Me.