Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Reads - #73 - 76

Somehow I ended up reading four really intense books for this round which I did not totally plan and definitely would not recommend. However, spaced out and tempered appropriately, these are all worth checking out

The Last Good Girl was focused on a detective investigating a missing girl on a college campus who is the daughter of the university president. Through her research and video blogs of the victim you come to find out the missing girl was sexually assaulted by a perpetrator wrapped in a lot of power and privilege. Admittedly, I guessed the twist in the story pretty quick. However, this was a really well done fiction story of the reall life obstacles and issues survivors face. 

Goat was a memoir, and I hate reviewing memoirs because I feel like I end up saying, "I wish their life was more exciting, and this had happened." This one focuses on hazing, as well as post-traumatic stress. They've also made this into a movie starring Nick Jonas, and I have a hunch they'll drama up some of the scenes in this, and I'm looking forward to seeing it (both for content and Nick Jonas).

Columbine was powerful. I was in high school when Columbine happened, and I remember that day vividly. This was an incredible and emotional overview of the before, the during and the after that cultivated so many emotions in me even after all these years. It's heavy, but I read it over a day and a half because it was so compelling.

We Are Called to Rise was the first book from my book sale haul. I actually opened this up and realized I had a signed copy! The story has three story arcs - a woman struggling in her marriage, a veteran struggling with PTSD and an eight year old son of an immigrant trying to find his way. As the book goes on, their stories start to intersect and overlap. It was a really captivating read, and another one with a twist I didn't anticipate.