Tuesday, June 28, 2016

That time I started watching Game of Thrones

I've never watched Game of Thrones. I've had countless folks tell me I should, but given my tendency to get (overly) invested in shows, I've resisted. I'm currently in a hotel with HBO, so when I saw an episode was on, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I should mention it was the finale of season six. ICYMI, I took some notes on what I watched. There's probably spoilers here, but I don't know what they are?

  • This opening theme sequence seems unnecessarily long.
  • Everyone is getting dressed in an elaborate sequence.
  • Why is there no talking? Show's been on for five minutes, and there have been zero words spoken.
  • More shots of people getting dressed.
  • Seriously, where is the talking?
  • This trial is a bummer.
  • *Covering eyes for the blood and sword thing*
  • This show is so dark. . .like as in poor lighting.
  • *Covering eyes for lots of blood and stabbing*
  • It appears as if this guy just found the ozze that made the TMNT and/or some residue from Slimer in some random cave.
  • Court is out. of. control. They need medieval Judge Judy to restore order.
  • Umm, someone might need to call the Ghostbusters because there is a green explosion everywhere.
  • #sipswine
  • #pourswine
  • This woman gives no f-s.
  • Someone else is dying.
  • Now, there is a party.
  • Now, there's some new people. I think they are moving to the town?
  • They're talking about Jon Snow. I think he died, but then he didn't?
  • Jon Snow is here!
  • Now they're talking about some war. I think that is probably important.
  • It's snowing. Jon Snow is standing outside with some woman. It seems like they should go inside where it's warm.
  • Now it's somewhere where it's spring out.
  • Apparently a war is going to happen soon.
  • #drinkswine
  • More people talking about war. The blonde queen lady is going to get married to someone to build alliances. But it's not going to be the dude with the beard. #awkward
  • Peter Dinklage is explaining to the blonde queen she can now get whatever she wants in the game (. . . of thrones?!?!)
  • Grumpy Old Man in the house.
  • Grumpy Old Man just got killed by the Stark girl.
  • The redheaded woman and some guy are talking about the iron throne.
  • Guy went in for the kiss. Redhead wasn't interested.
  • Guy with really pale skin (Uncle Ben) just said peace out to his nephew and niece. They're stuck out in the cold. Also, there is a tree that has bloody eyes, and the kid just touched it.
  • Now, some lady is dying in a bed. Ned is sad.
  • The lady just whispered some stuff to Ned.
  • There's a baby.
  • #jonsnowstare
  • Some dudes are having a meeting about a war.
  • A little girl is calling all the old dudes on their s--t.
  • The little girl is #TeamStark.
  • Now they're talking about Jon Snow and the Red Wedding. I think that was a big deal.
  • A dude is apologizing for being a jerk.
  • House Clover + House Stark = Love
  • The meeting is all about #TeamKingoftheNorth
  • Here comes the short-haired lady.
  • The short-haired lady is the queen now.
  • #sitsonfancythrone
  • There is some dramatic music and people staring at each other and/or at random things.
  • A lot of boats are going somewhere.
  • Some dragons just showed up?!!?!?
  • THE END. . .  
  • Huh?

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