Friday, June 24, 2016

What's Making Me Happy - 6/24

The first thing making me happy this week is this little crafting project.

A few weeks ago, a sorority sister had posted a project she'd done with her wedding cards, and I was intrigued by the hexagon pattern. She let me know about the punch she used, and I knew I needed one in my life. I also had acquired a well-worn copy of Ramona the Pest awhile back, and I knew I wanted to craft something with it. Finally, I have an excess of frames that I've acquired for projects I want to do. . .someday. I put all three of these things together, and this happened, and I love it. It's in our guest bathroom (which is technically also my bathroom), and I smile every time that I see it.

The next thing making me happy this week is Interlibrary Loans! Yes, that's right, friends, I said Interlibrary Loans. It's no secret that I read a lot. I also frequent the library at least once a week. And while the library has lots of things, it doesn't have all the things. For those who are new to the world of Interlibrary Loans, essentially, you can borrow a book FROM ANY LIBRARY IN THE UNITED STATES. It is contingent on a library agreeing to let your library borrow the book (and/or other materials - I've also borrowed DVDs) for a bit, but if they do (and usually they will), it's just like it's from your library. There is the restriction that you can't renew the item, but that's a small compromise to have all the things available. *And stepping off library soapbox*

And there's more book things. As a result of an ebook settlement, I ended up with a $33 Barnes & Noble credit! Yes, yes, I just bought books, but free money (well, technically, my money given back to me) to buy more books is always a great thing.

And finally, there was this piece in Lenny Letter this week by J. Courtney Sullivan about The Babysitters Club that I just loved - A Mary Anne with Kristy Rising: On the Enduring Legacy of the Baby-Sitters Club Books. #BSCforever