Friday, July 1, 2016

What's Making Me Happy - 7/1

This week was full of lots of K-State connections. I'm always so rejuvenated and happy when I get to reconnect with my K-State family, and this week I had three chances.

First, I went to Indianapolis for a training and ran into two former students who are now consultants for their national fraternity. One of my favorite things to do is to see where students go after my time advising, and these two are doing some great things!

Then, yesterday when I went to get the mail I was so surprised to find this Kansas-themed treat by dear friend Jenni to commemorate five years since we started working together. I'm so thankful to have her continued friendship.

And then (AND THEN!) I ended last night talking to my good friend, Paul. Paul worked with me during my first year at K-State, and if I had to pick a dream team of people to work with, he'd be my #1 pick for sure. 

Even though I'm no longer in MHK, each one of these moments and encounters was a reminder of what a wonderful place K-State is and how lucky I am to call it my forever home.