Friday, July 22, 2016

What's Making Me Happy - 7/22

Since I've been travelling the past two Fridays, I haven't had a chance to share happiness in a minute, but I'm excited to return the feature to the blog.

First up, I finished Gilmore Girls!

In case I haven't mentioned this, I somehow made it to my thirty-third year of life without ever watching Gilmore Girls. Now that I'm through the whole series, I'm really, really not sure how I made it this far without ever finding my way to Stars Hollow. Everything about this is totally my jam!! I loved literally everything about this show (well, except Mitchum Huntzberger because he's the worst). Anyway, it was so, so great. I also think I'm now maybe supposed to declare a team, and if that's the case, I'm totally #TeamJess. I'm super excited for the revival to be out soon (and that my wait will be so short) and love that this show is now part of my life. #starshollowforever

And then, as Gilmore Girls was coming to an end, a friend told me I just had to watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend. And y'all, Y'ALL, this show is so great. It's part comedy, part musical, part angsty young adult drama which equates to everything I ever wanted in a show. Here's one of my favorite jams entitled "I Have Friends"

(What's that you say? You want more? Here's "Having A Few People Over")

(Just one more? Okay. Here's "I'm A Good Person")

And then, of course, there was the part of this week where the Royals got to go the White House to celebrate their World Series win, and it was just the most amazing and wonderful press conference ever. I cried . . . again.

Finally, I had a chance this week to step back in time for a bit. My friend Lindsay is getting married, and she asked me if I had all the info from when I used to do Wedding Wednesdays (Sidebar: For those who don't know and/or remember, for the year leading up to my wedding, I asked wedding-related questions only on Wednesday on facebook to get some crowd-sourced advice on how to make a wedding happen). I had intentions of putting all this info together at some point post-wedding, and I just never did. So, I figured Lindsay's ask was the perfect time to finally do this. It was such a fun trip back in the time machine to see what people offered up each week. It even made me nostalgic for the days of wedding planning (although I'm still a way bigger fan of being on the other side of that process.)