Monday, October 10, 2016

thirty three

As you can see, I've been mostly terrible at blogging for the last two months. I can assure you've I've been happy and read books (aka the things I mostly post about) since then, and I've thought about posts, but between buying a house, moving into a house, and all the excuses, I just haven't actually sat down and put my thoughts out into the universe.

That said, as the sun sets on my thirty third year, I'm reflecting on a whole bunch of things. I read an article a few years back about how a study found that thirty three is most commonly named as your happiest year of life. If I'm being honest, I'd say that this was in the back (and front) of my mind heading into this year. Would 33 live up to the hype? I was particularly hyper-sensitive to this because 32 was a bust in a lot of ways. I needed a good year for a lot of reasons. And y'all, all things considered, this last year was just what I needed. In fact, here are 33 things that were especially awesome about this trip around the sun.

  2. Dustin and I bought a house. (And yes while this list is in no way in rank order, the Royals do beat out home ownership for most awesome happening of all.)
  3. I have a wonderful new nephew - William Davis.
  4. I found a therapist who has done wonders for me and the anxious life I often lead.
  5. I finally watched Gilmore Girls in its entirety (still confused how I missed this in all of my previous years).
  6. I started a new job and got to navigate the adventures of remote work.
  7. I got to experience the epic World Series parade with my dad, brother and sister-in-law.
  8. I read more books than I ever have, and I adored so many of them.
  9. I started blogging-ish.
  10. I got to spend some quality time in Texas (my second favorite state) with some of my all-time favorite co-workers.
  11. I have a new coffee mug rack in my house that just makes me the happiest when I see it. Also, I drank lots of coffee.
  12. I got to go to NYC for the first time.
  13. I got to see Good Morning America live.
  14. I won first place at the Johnson County Fair for my cross-stitch work.
  15. I got to spend lots of time talking "dream goals" with my dear friends Amanda and Jenny.
  16. Ecto Cooler was re-released and a delicious piece of my childhood was rekindled.
  17. I got my Starbucks Gold Card.
  18. Full(er) House returned to my life.
  19. I got to eat the anniversary cake that was in my freezer for an entire year. This conveniently coincided with celebrating our first wedding anniversary.
  20. I enjoyed wedding cake on four additional occasions which conveniently coincided with four really awesome family weddings.
  21. I found some really neat volunteering opportunities that were a good use of my strengths and skills.
  22. I tapped into my creative energies and made lots of neat stuff.
  23. This year's Johnson County Libraries Used Book Sale (aka best day of the year) was my best haul yet.
  24. I was able to remain connected with some of my oldest (and best) friends.
  25. I attended another amazing Royals playoff game (ALCS Game 2).
  26. I got to spend lots of quality time with my family.
  27. I got to celebrate my mom being a cancer survivor at another wonderful Light the Night Walk.
  28. I got to see my dad enjoy retirement (and help us out with all kinds of house "stuff" as we get settled).
  29. Grey's Anatomy is still the show that makes my week. Also, I rewatched the whole series and still loved it all just as much as the first time through.
  30. I took some fantastic daytrips and weekend trips with my husband who is my favorite travel buddy.
  31. I did an extensive overhaul of my closet, donating about 50% of what used to be there and now have a far more manageable and enjoyable wardrobe.
  32. McDonald's implemented all-day breakfast. Also, in case you haven't heard, biscuits are finally on that menu.
  33. I ended a year feeling pretty darn good about the year that was and optimistic of the year that's to come.