Friday, December 9, 2016

What's Making Me Happy - 12/9

Again, I own that it's been a minute (or month) since I've had this regular feature up. I've certainly been happy since then, but just haven't blogged it. #workingonit

First up, there's my new coffee station!

Here's the thing - I love coffee. It forever makes me happy. Awhile back, my in-laws gave us a Keurig they'd won at an auction and didn't need because they already had one. We took it even though I was already regularly seeing my Nespresso. Back in the apartment, we didn't really have space for two coffeemakers, especially with only one coffee drinker. Now that we're in a house, we have more space to work with. I found this table at a local antique mall (Lone Elm - 10/10 - Highly Recommend!), and it fit just perfectly in this nook making my perpetual happy place complete.

This week, I also finally joined Lifetime Movie Club. Someone had told me this was a thing ages ago. However, it was only available for Apple products. Now, it's on Android. Now, Andrea, what is Lifetime Movie Club?!? It's a subscription based service for Lifetime movies (!!) We started with a one week free trial, but I also put my husband on notice that I'm going to stick with this for at least the next month when I have some time off work. I should note it's not all the Lifetime movies, but they add a movie every day, and it's got some of the greats. Given we don't have cable (and haven't for two years), it's a nice return to one of my favorite hobbies of yore.

I also discovered a fantastic podcast thanks to my pal Kristen - My Favorite Murder. (Time Out - Hold your judgment. I'm not weird. Let me explain why it makes me happy.) The podcast is two besties Gretchen and Karen talking about true crime - both well-known cases and hometown connections. What makes it so great is not really the focus, but the banter between the two of them. It's the type of podcast you listen to and say, "I want to go to there." The recounting of the true crime stuff (there's plenty of that, too) is also fascinating and well-worth the listen if you dig that kind of thing (I obvs do.)

And of course, I'm over the moon that Fuller House has returned and will have it finished by the end of this weekend later this evening. In all my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd get to see new episodes of this show again.

What about y'all? What's on your happiness radar this week?

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