Friday, December 23, 2016

What's Making Me Happy - 12/23

It's Christmas Eve Eve which is enough to make me happy, but for the sake of this feature, here's some other neat things.

First off. . . 


As I shared last week, it's QuikTrip's Twelve Days of Christmas. Nothing makes me go full Stanley Hudson like Pretzel Day. I've been anxiously awaiting for this offer to come up, and today was the day!

Now, only 364 days until the next Pretzel Day. . .

Also, this week, I checked out our downtown coffee shop. 

I've been meaning to stop in since we moved, and I finally had a chance. Y'all, it's the cutest, and it has delicious coffee. I anticipate I'll be a regular here before long.

And finally, it's Christmas card season. I love checking the mail this time of year and seeing all the fun things that await. I also love sending cards. We opted for a Christmas letter this year, and it's been fun to hear from people that they got our message and love learning about what we're up to.

Hope you're finding the happiness and joy during this time of year!!