Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Reads - #113 - 116

With the end of my #2016Reads cycle getting ever closer, I'm getting closer to matching (and *fingers crossed* maybe exceeding) last year's read count.

The Next Best Thing was bound to be good as most all things Jennifer Weiner are. This one, however, may be one of my top JW reads. I found the storyline (particularly the end) especially endearing and empowering. Definitely a good "It's too darn cold to go outside, so I'll stay inside and read" read.

The Bookseller was a bit of a mystery read that was more intriguing than I expected. Truth be told, I picked this one at random after reading the blurb on the front flap (Is there a term for that I've forgotten?) and wanting to find out what happened. There's a twist in this one that I didn't see coming, and it was a new spin on the idea of "what might have been" to check out.

The Boy Who Fell From the Sky is a memoir, and y'all, I hate writing about memoirs. I mean, there's nothing the author can do to make their story better and/or worse. It just it was it is. This particular one is a brother writing about his brother who is killed in a plane crash. He pieces together his life through his writings and friends. Really that's all I have to say because again, I'm not critiquing someone's life.

The Secret Keeper is a thriller that kept me guessing. About halfway through, the twist in the story is revealed. At least I thought, it was the final twist. It wasn't, and the story kept unraveling ending in something unexpected I wouldn't have guessed. I'm not always a historical fiction reader, but the way this one was written kept me captivating through the nearly 500 pages. I have another Kate Morton in my queue, and I'm excited to check it out!