Tuesday, January 31, 2017

American Girls

Hello, y'all. These are my American Girls dolls. If you're up on your American Girls, they are from left to right (and in chronological story order) Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha and Molly.

My re-reading challenge was to re-read an American Girl book. However, once I found my way to the American Girl section in the library, I quickly got swept up in the stories once more. 

I decided to read one book from the series of each of my OG dolls and then four books from girls and time periods I wasn't as familiar with to see what's going on with the books since I stopped being a regular.

The OGs were predictable. They were stories I remembered for sure. What I didn't remember is how many risks and challenges these girls encountered for their age. 

The new stuff was really intriguing. I read Kaya's Hero (1764 - A member of the Nimiipuu tribe), Caroline's Battle (1812 - Lives on a shipyard during the War of 1812), Marie-Grace and Cecile (1853 - Alternating stories told during the yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans). 

What I noticed about the newer books was there was more drama and tragedy. Three of the four books dealt with the death of a character, and the other involved nearly having to burn down her family's business to save their livelihood and American secrets.

Overall, the series is still great. I will always love these books, and I also will always (no shame) cut through the AG store when I'm at the mall.

Also, I still hope that someday I'll end up with all the things from the American Girl catalog. . .