Friday, April 21, 2017

What's Making Me Happy - 4/21

First off, where did this week even go? Where did April even go? How is 2017 nearly 25% over?!? Anyway. . . let's talk happy.

One of the resolutions I made for this baseball season was to listen to more Royals games on the radio. There's just something about listening to Denny Matthews (and Steve Physioc and/or Ryan LeFebvre) call a game that I have always loved. I've listened to every game on the radio this week, and I've found it particularly calming and enjoyable. I'm able to just sit and listen and chill (pending the Royals are doing okay). 

Also, have y'all seen Moana yet?!!? I Redboxed it a few weeks back and watched it twice. This week, my turn came up on the holds list from the library, so I am watching it again (and again). And then, and then, it was Disney Night on Dancing with the Stars, and Sasha and Simone dance to "How Far I'll Go," and it was so great. Now, this song which I for-ev-er love is in my head.

You know what else made me so happy? DONNY OSMOND! I think "I'll Make A Man Out of You" is one of the all-time best Disney songs. I'm not ashamed to say it's because I love Donny's voice like whoa. Also, Normani and Val are an incredible team, and in my opinion, the front-runners right now.

Finally, a few weeks back I asked friends for new podcast recommendations. One of my friends recommended Mortified, and y'all, Y'ALL it is the best. I listen at the gym, and I'm sure all the people wonder who this woman is who laughs through her workout. This week, I listened to one called Titanic Ruined My Love Life, and it was my middle school love of Leo encapsulated in a podcast. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful each and every episode is with brave souls revisiting their childhood diaries in public. I'm happy they're bold enough to share, and it also makes me glad that mine (which I actually shredded - they were never not going to be theworst) will never, ever see the light of day. That said, even though the pages of my tween and teen musings are gone, these podcasts allow the memories to come flooding back for an hour or so - which is just the right amount.