Friday, May 12, 2017

The Rest of April in Reading

Note: I'm behind in blogging April. This post started to read like a really boring book report, so I shelved it. Now, my memory is hazy, so it is what it is.
Grace Not Perfection is by the creator of The Simplified Planner. Honestly, it was most interesting to read about how she took that idea from dream to reality. There were some good reminders in this piece that I can't do it all, and I should stop trying. Also, I am strongly leaning towards getting a Simplified Planner, so stay tuned for that!

Home Is Where My People Are was in the same vein as Grace Not Perfection. Admittedly, reading these back-to-back made me confuse the details of what was what. This one focused more on how we find friendship and love wherever we go, and it was enjoyable.

Just Fly Away was a book I won via BookRiot giveaway. It's by Andrew McCarthy (aka Blane from Pretty In Pink), and my copy is even autographed.The book is about a girl who finds out her dad had an affair eight years ago and has a son. For the YA crowd, it'll keep you reading. 

The Card Catalog was a beautiful read. It's predictably about the history and evolution of the card catalog. As a long-time fan of card catalogs, I thought this book was absolutely beautiful and stunning. It highlights some of the cards in the Library of Congress (Sidebar - Totally going there on my next visit to DC), and it is a really fascinating review of how libraries work. Also, this totally reignited my want to have an old card catalog in my house.

Sync or Swim: A Fable About Workplace Communication and Coming Together in a Crisis was intriguing. I think the biggest benefit of it was it takes the Five Love Languages and translates them into a workplace culture which was helpful for some of the work I do.

The Carrie Diaries was a book I received in a holiday book exchange. I actually wasn't a Sex and the City watcher, and I haven't read any other Candace Bushnell. However, as far as YA chick lit, this one kept me reading. If I didn't have eleventy million other shows and books in the queue, I enjoyed this enough to check out the show, too.