Monday, June 5, 2017

What's Making Me Happy - 6/5

Insert obligatory statement about how I haven't been posting this feature regularly.

But seriously, y'all, I think the issue is that Friday isn't the day to do these. So, I'm going to change it up, and start my week with some happy.

So here's what's making me happy!

First off, I have to share some adulting wins. Our front door has side lights (the internet tells me this is the official name for these windows?) that really just let people look right in. For months, I've wanted to get them covered. I tried out a Pinterest idea, and I just wasn't sure if I liked it. So, I left a partially completed project for awhile. I then thought I'd use a stencil and spray paint frosted glass. However, as I stood in the paint aisle at Michael's, I just couldn't commit. So, I went back to the original project. Using contact paper, my handy dandy stencil, and a credit card (to smooth my squares) I was able to make this all work!

And then, AND THEN, we (and by we, I mostly mean my dad with some help from me and Dustin) finally got some front landscaping done. Dustin found these solar lights at Costco a few weeks back for an awesome deal, and they were the perfect addition to add some outdoor lighting out front. We also worked with my dad to plant some flowers, so that the front bed is a little happier these days. Finally, we did some tree trimming. I didn't realize how much the little tree on the left was overtaking our front yard until we trimmed it back, and it cleaned up this area so much.

This concludes this week's edition of Andrea's Old House. Let's talk about other things.

Second, I did something new. On Memorial Day, my sister-in-law asked if I wanted to check out a local orchard that was on their last days of strawberries. So, we headed off. One, it was super fun to pick my own fruit. Two, they had strawberry donuts that were incredible. Third, it was a chance to get some quality nephew time which I always love. The good news is that while strawberry season is over, they have other stuff growing, so stay tuned for what's next!

Oh, and I made (mini) strawberry pies with my finds. 10/10 - I'll be making these again.

Third, IT WAS BEE WEEK! My friend Kristen and I have many, many super cool mutual interests, and the Spelling Bee is one of our favorites. We love it so much we have a watch party. Last year, we started a draft, and this year, I decided to even create a travelling trophy. Each year of the Bee is awesome, and this one was another memorable one. Congrats to Kristen for being our inaugural champ. I'll be scouting the Bee circuit hard in the next year in hopes of taking the title back!

Finally, my favorite day of the year is upon us - JOHNSON COUNTY BOOK SALE DAY! This is the one time of year I stock up on the books that will carry me through the rest of the year. I refer to it affectionately as my book Christmas. I've got my book list ready to go, will be spending the next few days memorizing it (for serious, I have to be ready), and I'll be scouring the aisles hoping to find books to fall in love with soon. I'll be sure to recap my finds this week!