Friday, August 25, 2017

Things That Are Making Me Happy. . .Er, Feel Some Kind of Way

I wanted to bring back this regular feature, but then I quickly realized the things I want to write about are not necessarily happiness inducing. So, I suppose this is just a recap of things that are in my life this week.

I've been re-watching Dawson's Creek for the last few weeks. I started doing this awhile ago, and honestly, the angst was just too much, so I suspended the re-watch at Season 3. I finally picked up back at Season 4, and it was great. It was all the Pacey/Joey/Dawson/Jack/Jen I have grown to love with heaping helpings of high school angst.

And then I got to Season 5 and 6. 

Y'all these seasons are a mess. They include:

  • Joey sort of having a thing with a professor. This has already been done y'all. See Season 1 with Pacey and Miss Jacobs. . . 
  • Joey gets mugged, but also spends an exorbitant amount of time talking with her mugger about life. In the end, as her mugger walks away, HE GETS HIT BY A CAR. Joey goes to the hospital, and she even ends up comforting the mugger's daughter. THIS IS THE WORST EPISODE EVER MADE. THE LEGIT WORST.
  • The gang goes on Spring Break to Miami where M2M preforms. Since when does the gang do mainstream Spring Break?!?!
  • Joey finally sleeps with Dawson. She accidentally sends an email about to the entire campus. Aren't their safeguards for that?!?? Even back in 2001?!?
  • A guest spot by Seth Rogan. It includes lots of farting.
  • A guest spot my Jack Osbourne on multiple occasions. This includes a bleeped out profanity tirade and some other really awkward scenes.
  • The gang goes to a No Doubt concert. They never interact with No Doubt. They just go, and we see No Doubt perform three songs?
  • Loveline comes to Jen and Jack's college. There are lots of weird moments with Adam Corolla.
  • Audrey goes to rehab after hitting rock bottom when she drives Pacey's car through Dawson's house.
  • Joey has this weird relationship with a professor who wears Hawaiian shirts a lot. They have really strange banter all season, and Joey also helps him care for his teen daughter.
  • The professor's teen daughter dates Oliver from The O.C. This is not a crossover plot line, but it is worth noting.
  • Pacey becomes a stock broker. He loses all of Dawson's money.
Also, all of the music has been changed, so the angst levels I remember are dramatically reduced because I've never heard these songs.

Despite this all, this show is one that is part of my teen years, and I will forever love it. Also, I'm really glad the show ended with Pacey and Joey together, so I suppose that makes Season 5 and 6 sort of worth it.

Speaking of my formative years, I finally found something I've been trying to find for years. Remember that day where the boys went to one room, and the girls went to another, and you learned all about what was going to happen to your body. My first venture into this world was via a film called Growing Up On Broadway. It starred the cast of Annie, and it talked all about their experiences. Last week, I finally found the video on Youtube. Here it is in all its glory. 

Oh, wait, there is something that legit made me happy this week - SESAME STREET DID A PARODY OF DESPACITO - I give y'all El Patito. . .

Finally, I found out this week thanks to the Beloit College Mindset List that today's college freshman doesn't know who *NSYNC is. I'm not sure what to do with that information.

Oh wait, one last, last thing, the solar eclipse on Monday was incredible. I'm already excited to see one again in 2024.