Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Posts I Should Have Written

Let me let y'all in on a terribly kept secret - I've been awful at blogging. In retrospect, it's nothing new. Each of my blogs has had a post or ten about how I promise to be better. I'm also quite sure my haphazardly kept grade school diaries were in the same vein. 

So, why the heck do I keep trying? Because I love writing. Always have. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a written words person. I do okay with spoken word, too, but writing y'all, that's my jam. 

And here's the thing, my head is constantly swirling with ideas of posts.

In fact, here are some ideas from this week:

  • Where did this zit in my eyebrow come from, and why does it hurt so bad?
  • Why is Topanga wearing business attire for most of season five and six of Boy Meets World? Is she going to a meeting later? Is this what we all were wearing in the late 90s? If so, WHY?
  • Boy Meets World totally jumped the shark after that Cory and Lauren situation.
  • Blossom is on Hulu! Also, I totally wanted to be Blossom in the opening sequence.
  • The adulting excitement of cleaning and organizing our garage.
  • All the great deals I got on Cyber Monday for stuff I wanted needed.
  • How I'm going to organize and decorate my new Simplified Planner.
  • Reflections on two years (tomorrow!) in my current job.
  • This zit though. How does this happen?
So, where do I go from here? Here's some ideas:

  • Better book posts. My forever dream has been to be one of those kids on Reading Rainbow who reviews books. In fact, I used to practice regularly in my mirror. Book reviews are the one consistent feature of this little blog, but they can get a little book report-y, so I'm going to work on that.

  • The return of What's Making Me Happy. It used to be a regular feature. Then, it wasn't. Now, it will be again.
  • More cross-stitch project sharing. Because y'all, I love a good cross-stitch, and I've done some neat ones.
  • The sh*t I want to write. I overthink which means I then don't write at all. I'm adopting a new mantra - Think Less, Write More. So, I'll do that starting now.