Monday, January 8, 2018

What's Making Me Happy - 1/8

Oh hi, blog. Remember when this was a regular blog feature? Yeah, me, too. Well, it's 2018, and I'm giving it another go. Also, I'm moving this to Mondays, so I can start my week of strong. Sound good? Okay, cool.

First off, let's start with something I ate - YATS. Yats is a favorite of my co-workers, but since I'm not in Indy all the time, I only get it on special occasions. Last week, I was in town, so I got to get a plate of awesome. This is White Chicken Chili, Chili Cheese Etouffee and the best freakin' garlic bread in the world. I'm getting hungry just as I type this post, so I have to stop here.

Few things get me jazzed as a new planner, and I finally got to break one out. Last year, I didn't really have an official planner as I fell out of love with my previous one. I did some research, and I settled on The Simplified Planner. I'm only a week in, but it makes me so happy. Yes, it's weird to love a planner this much.

And then AND THEN, my childhood returned yet again. I have wanted to watch Tiny Toons for years y'all - literal years. My coworker shared this week that Hulu finally made my dream of dreams come true. Not only do they have the whole series, but they have the summer vacation special that's just the greatest.

Finally, Dustin and I are continuing to simply and organize. I never would have thought I would get Dustin on board for this process, but having him all in has made all the difference. It's amazing to see how much more we enjoy our space without all the "stuff" that was once here. I've still got the sub-basement to go (which will have some definite moments of not happy), but we're making major headway!