Monday, February 26, 2018

This Is. . .A Show I Think I Like?

First off, let me get something off my chest. . .

Y'all, I haven't been watching This Is Us this whole time.

I tried. In fact, I tried three times.

I tried when it first came out. I couldn't do it two episodes in.

I tried to binge watch once this summer. I still couldn't do it.

I tried after watching the Super Bowl episode. . .and finally succeeded. We'll come back to this. And yes, you read that right, I started with the Super Bowl episode.

You see, while I haven't been watching I've been aware - very aware of this show. I see the updates each week of what it does to people.

Image result for dawson's creek ugly cry gif

However, here's my issue. I have off the charts empathy, and movie/TV feelings wreck me more than most. They have my whole life. This started with a trio of movies from my childhood - Bambi (Sidebar: I watched this as an adult, and HOW WAS THIS A CHILDREN'S FILM?!!?), The Fox and the Hound, and All Dogs Go To Heaven. Most recently, I had to stop watching Parenthood because it was impacting my emotions outside of the hour I was spending with the Bravermans. There are host of other examples, but these are the bookends of my overly emotional life.

Anyway, so I tried This Is Us so hard, and I just couldn't. However, I've been reading the summaries/spoilers the whole time. So, I can legit tell you everything that has happened, but I have watched none of it.

When Super Bowl Sunday came around, I decided to the show another go. I figured if this was the worst that it was going to get, and I knew what happened, I should start there. I'm not sure if this rationale works, but whatever. 

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So, then I started over. I watched them all. Feeling after feeling after feeling after feeling. Also, as I found out, there were way more feels aside from the Super Bowl episode. I totally should have seen that coming.

But wait, I have to be honest, y'all. I didn't fully engage.

I was doing other things. I wasn't fully glued to each one because I still just couldn't. Honestly, I'm not sure how people do this every week. Because even though I wasn't 100% locked in, it wrecked me. In fact, I almost quit again. Halfway through season two, it just was a lot to manage. Again, HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!!? 

However, I pushed through, and I'm caught up now. I'll watch the rest of season two. I won't do it in real-time because I'm still having to read those spoilers/summaries to get through. 

Oh, and maybe I should mention this - I'm pretty sure I dig the show. I don't love all the ugly cries, but you know, it is what it is, I guess? I'm still confused . . .Anyway.

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Oh, and two bonus cast questions/thoughts. . .

1). Does anyone else remember Justin Hartley from Passions? Because I do. He was Fox Crane. Also, I miss that show. I wish NBC would reboot that.

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2). Remember when Mandy Moore made music. Here's my personal favorite jam.

And because there are too many feels up in here, I'll end with this.

"Love Always, Mandy"