Friday, April 27, 2018

Still Reading

The Last Letter from Your Lover was two love stories in one by Jojo Moyes. There was a story taking back in the 1960s and then there was a present day tale. I did appreciate that rather than alternating chapters like so many of these do, this one did significant chunks in each time frame, and it really helped me get into the story. Also, y'all, this one had a twist that I did not see coming. Usually I get an inkling of what's going to go down, but this one was a legit jawdropping, audible gasp moment when all was revealed. 

Read this book if - You like a strong fiction read with a side of mystery. You've read other JoJo Moyes and dig her style. You don't mind a story with two plots happening that eventually intertwine.

Still Me was an unintentional back-to-back reading of Jojo Moyes. It just so happened that my hold for this came up as I finished the first read from this batch. This is the third book with Louisa Clark. The first was the well-known Me before You, then the second was After You which I read (and loved) last year. After checking out After You last year (admittedly a little reluctantly because of all the feels from the first book), I was eagerly anticipating this one. I love how this series has been framed around Louisa. Will's influence is still present at times, but above all else, this is a story about Louisa journeying through life. This one picks up where the last one left off. I don't want to say too much because I want to encourage y'all to check out After You first. I loved this one. It's a lot of self-discovery and and some relationships and just all the things that make me love a good character-driven story.

Read this book if - You've read the first two books in this series. Honestly, this one isn't going to work for you if you haven't done this first.

From The Corner Of The Oval is a memoir from Beck Dorey-Stein who was a White House stenographer under Obama. True Confession: I didn't really know what that was until I read this book. Also, you know what's wild? She got this job from Craigslist! Anyway, this book is not so much a memoir about the Obama administration, but moreso about someone making their way in a unique work environment both personally and professionally. In addition to talking about what her job was, she talks a lot about her relationships (both romantic and friendships) as she navigates being in the room where it happens. Yes, I just dropped that Hamilton reference there. It was a nonfiction read that read like fiction which was intriguing. This one won't be out until the summer (I had an ARC), and it would be a great beach read. Oh, and apparently it's going to be a movie? Do yourself a favor, and read the book first.

Read this book if - You want to read a completely different viewpoint on life in the Obama administration. You enjoy reading a pageturner focused on someone navigating a unique career and/or romantic misadventures. 

Carry On Warrior was a book I picked up for $1 at the most recent JoCo Book Sale. I know the name Glennon Doyle Melton, but I honestly know very little beyond her being married to Abby Wambach. That said, I was real confused when I opened this one up, and the first chapter talked about her husband. I took a timeout to read more about it, got caught up to speed, and I jumped back in. So, turns out Glennon is a Christian mommy blogger. However, she's so much more than that. She writes with a rawness and authenticity, and I was just amazed, especially as someone who writes every now and then. As someone who has never read her stuff before, I really liked this one. Knowing where life has taken her since writing this one, I am interested in checking out Love Warrior and/or whatever is in the works for her just to see her perspective now.

Read this book if - You tend to like essay collections grounded in faith and authenticity. You like books that provide you with realness about life and the "real talk" that you often want a dear friend to provide you, particularly when you're strugging.