Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I Joined A(nother) Book Club!

As of yesterday, I have joined my third book club! The cool thing about this (aside from the fact that I get to be in three book clubs obviously) is that these are in three different formats. Each has its merits, and for the greater good, I thought I'd take some time and share what I love about each of them. 

First off, I'm in an in-person book club. 

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This club started a few months back, and we meet every six weeks-ish. I was in an in-person club when I lived in Texas, and I'd missed having this regular connection, so I was excited when this opportunity came up after being without one for six years. The appeal of the in-person club is definitely the camaraderie. Sometimes, book clubs get a bad rap for only drinking wine and never actually discussing/reading the book. (Side Note: If that's the kind of club you're in, and you like it? Cool. You do you!) What I appreciate about my book club is that we do discuss the book for more than a hot minute - Don't fret we also make time to eat delicious food and drink, too.

I think the key with a club like this is finding the right mix. 

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If you actually want to read the book, you have to find a club that does, too. If you like to read a certain genre (and/or hate to read something else), you have to find a club that aligns with your reading preferences, and/or a club that you're comfortable enough with to take on some reading risks. Oh, and good food/drinks are essential and should be balanced with your preferred level of discussion. 

My second book club is exclusively online. 

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I've been in this one for just over two years, and it's through my sorority. Each month, there is a live online discussion. There is a moderator who leads the discussion through a Facebook group for a half hour. She posts the questions, and people comment as they have thoughts. The full slate of books for the year are announced in advance, and the discussion group makeup varies from month to month - although there's definitely a core group of folks who are usually around.

I love this one because it allows for discussion to happen from literally anywhere. I've met a few of the people in the group in-person, but most of them I only have the virtual connect with in the group.

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I do try to participate each month, but sometimes I just can't make it work. The benefit of this format is that the structure is always there, and you can come in and out by month as you need to.

Oh, and if this kind of club sounds neat to you, I've got some things in the works to make one of these through my new little book-ish venture. (Shameless Plug: Go like Club Book Mobile. Kthxbai!)

Finally, as of last night, I have a third book club. This one is probably going to be the most intriguing one - It's a Silent Book Club!

So, what in the world does that mean? Well, let me tell you because I know there are all the questions. And let me answer the one question I know is on everyone's mind - Yes, we talk.

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I should say that I'd seen this one advertised by my local library for awhile. I thought it was intriguing, but going into social spaces where I don't know anyone (even when books are involved) just isn't my jam. However, I am trying to stretch my comfort zone, and this meant finally checking this out at my local coffee shop

Y'all, this one was so great. The way that it works is everyone just brings what they're already reading. We spent some time at the beginning talking books/life/etc. Then, we took some time to just sit and read our books. Halfway through, the moderator checked in to see how we were doing, and then at the end, we talked a bit about how the books we each brought were going. 

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Again, I didn't know any of the people in this group prior to yesterday, and normally that can be quite an anxious space for me. However, I realized that having books as a centerpiece, you can really talk with anyone. I'd read some of the books people were reading, and I got some great recommendations via what others had brought. It was really comfortable space, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

So, if you need me, I'll be (book) clubbing!

P.S. Y'all, I promise my jokes aren't regularly that cheesy, but when you find this set of GIFs, how can you not take your jokes there? You're welcome.

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