Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Reality TV, Sibling Rivalry, A Thriller And A Donkey?

As the post title indicates, these titles could not be more different, but y'all they were each great in their own ways!

Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Liane Oelke is a book that has been on my to-read list for awhile. I wish I could remember where I heard about it, so I could give thanks to that human for connecting me. Jane has been expelled from high school, and she goes to her local community college to complete her credits. While there, she finds out about a reality show that an aspiring student filmmaker wants to make. In exchange for a place to stay, Jane can join House of Orange. Jane joins up neglecting to mention she's not yet 18 and also anything about her past (Content Warning: Her past does involve mental health struggles). Like all good reality shows, Jane navigates alliances within the house, connecting at college, and her somewhat fractured relationship with her family. Y'all, I just loved this one. I'm always a fan of a good YA read and the added dimension of a reality television was just so different and fun. Not to mention, this was just a book with characters I was rooting for throughout as if I was watching them on House of Orange.

Read this book if - You share my love for YA fiction and/or reality TV. You want to read a book that's like Big Brother without all the drama and super weird games and with extra helpings of intriguing characters and stories.

Bring Her Home by David Bell was a thriller I picked up at some book sale. The plot on the back intrigued me enough to check it out. Bill is called to the hospital. His daughter and a friend have been missing/believed to have been kidnapped, and they believe they have found his daughter. Bill is relieved, but he soon begins to notice something isn't quite right with his daughter. He even wonders if it's really her. I will say I was worried that this one was going to have some predictable twists, and then it went some directions I did not see coming at all. In other words, it hit that thriller spot just like I was hoping.

Read this book if - You love a good Lifetime movie marathon. This one reads just like a Lifetime movie - at least from a suspense perspective, not from the cheesiness factor just to be clear.

Saving Winslow by Sharon Creech was an ARC I received. I didn't realize until I read the back that this is the same author who wrote Walk Two Moons which I read back when I was in the actual age bracket that read J Fiction. I've since moved a few decades (eek) beyond that. Even though that's the case, this book was totally my jam. Louie takes on caring for a sick donkey that he names Winslow. Others are skeptical that the donkey is going to even make it through the first night, but Louie is confident his donkey is going to survive and thrive. This one was just adorable. I absolutely loved this one, and whether you're eight or eighty, it's worth checking out.

Read this book if - You are a fan of a feel-good J fiction book. You love a good story about a kid and an animal friend. Note: THIS IS NOT AN ANIMAL STORY WHERE YOU END UP AS A HOT, SOBBING MESS OF EMOTIONAL FEELS.

Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Patterson was another J fiction read. I can remember this title from my childhood. I think I read it, but I'm honestly not sure? Again, it's been a minute. Basically, this one is the story of twins in the 1940s. Louise has a chip on her shoulder because of all the love and attention her twin Caroline has gotten since literally day one. Reading this as an adult, my first thought was - Whoa, this was a children's book!?! It takes on some heavy topics and some hardcore sibling jealous. I will say that all these years later, it's still a compelling read. I'll admit that Louise does have a point. Caroline totally gets all the things, and I'd be annoyed, too!

Read this book if - You're making your way back through the best children's books of the eighties? You want to read about a complicated sibling relationship.