Saturday, September 22, 2018

One Thrill & Three Feels

Hey, it's me.

Here are some more books I read.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis is a book that has been recommended to me directly and indirectly many times over by family and friends. I was excited to be approved for a copy by NetGalley, so I could see what this one was all about. The book is built around the lies that the author has told and believed about herself. With each of these, she candidly talks about the doubt, struggle and angst that has come with the lie. There is a honestly and authenticity with which she writes, and I could identify so much when she was talking about the messages she had convinced herself were true. What I appreciated even more that in addition to talking about the lie, she talked about what she had done to overcome it. She also offered tips for how to do the same if you were in a similar situation. What I love about this one was that it was such a flowing, conversational read. It was written in a tone that acknowledged we've all been in some of these spots, but we didn't have to stay there. This was a particularly well-timed read for me, and it was the dose of realness, inspiration and grace I needed.

Read this book if - You need a faith-based reflection on life. You want to book that brings all the honestly and authenticity about life. 

In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It by Lauren Graham is a short, quick read. Literally, y'all, it's only 50 pages. This is an expansion of a speech she gave as a speaker at her high school's graduation - as an adult I mean, not as a student. There were some good nuggets in this. She focuses on accepting what you have and realizing that might be just what you need and where you need to be. She talks about letting go of worry and just living your life. Of note, this is not a BOOK book, as you can read it in less than half an hour. I'd honestly classify it as a speech transcript from Lauren Graham more than anything else.  

Read this book if - You need a quick injection of inspiration. Reading a speech Lauren Graham once gave sounds appealing to you.

The Likeness by Tana French is the second in the Murder Squad series. It's been a minute since I read In The Woods, but I did remember the characters and emotions that carried into this one. This book focuses on Cassie Maddox who has since left the Murder Squad, however something returns her back to the team. Long ago, she had an undercover persona as Lexie Madison. Detective Frank Mackey alerts her to the fact that a woman has been murdered, and her name is Lexie Madison, and she looks just like Cassie. To find the killer, Frank and Cassie decide she'll go undercover into Lexie's life. This means she takes on Lexie's life, including moving in with Lexie's four roommates. To explain the situation, her roommates are told Lexie was seriously injured, but has recovered. Y'all, this one was a pageturner. Cassie goes all-in on the undercover experience - emotions and all. This one kept me reading as I had to know just what the heck happened to Lexie, but also I wanted to see what was going to happen to Cassie. Tana French is masterful when it comes to thrillers, and I'm looking forward to taking another one of these on, especially given I've got three more in my book queue. 

Read this book if - You have previously read and enjoyed In The Woods. You enjoy a thriller that is emotionally intense and keeps you guessing throughout.

Leave Me by Gayle Forman was a fiction read with a heaping helping of truth bombs. This one opens with Maribeth how has a heart attack and doesn't realize it. She's so busy managing work and home that she's overwhelmed herself. Even after her heart situation, she still feels the stress of what her life has become. So, she decides to leave. She gets in her car, and she drives away. She leaves it all behind, and honestly, it's a way that we've probably all thought about at least once. With her time away, she finds new relationships and addresses some "stuff" that has always been there. Y'all, this one was a lot of feels for a fiction read. However, I will also say this is my fourth Gayle Forman, and each generally gets me emotionally. This one made me think about those times when things have felt like too much for me personally. It made me consider how to address that before it gets to the point Maribeth was at with her health, as well as that unavoidable feeling of wanting to escape. Under the guise of a fictional story, this one was a powerful real-life read. I felt both captivated by Maribeth, and her story really made me think about my own. 

Read this book if - You want a fictional story that will make you think about your own reality. You want to feel the feels of overwhelm as a way to reflect. You're looking for a book that covers the gamut of emotions.

Onto the next ones. . .