Monday, January 7, 2019

Reading Resolutions for 2019

While I'm focusing more on attitude than resolutions overall in 2019, I did have some resolving to do in one specific area - Reading, of course!

As I've grown and expanded my reading empire, I've tried to think intentionally about what 2019 looks like for me as far as books are concerned.

Resolution #1 - Complete my own Exploreading Book Challenge.

This will actually be the third year of me having a challenge. I'm historically really good at creating these challenges, but good at fully completing them. In 2017, the challenge was just too many things. In 2018, it was more just kind of forgetting it was a thing. 

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So, for 2019, I came up with twenty challenges to take on with my reading. I held over some of my favorite challenges from year's past, kept a few things that I really want to do, and I pulled over a few things from other reading challenges that I think would be neat. Here's what I'll be taking on:

P.S. If you need your own reading challenge, feel free to join me.

Resolution #2 - Find/Build more of a reading community.

In the last year, I've focused more than I ever on sharing what I'm reading with others. I've posted my reviews on my blog, as well as my Instagram, and then there was that obvious thing of starting up Club Book Mobile. For 2019, I want to make sure I'm not just pushing out content, but also engaging in conversation, finding book-ish spaces, etc. I want to be intentional about building this aspect of my reading.

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Resolution #3 - Read XXX books.

I have an idea for a quantity of books I want to read this year. However, that's not a number I publicly share. I don't like the number to get in the way of the joy I have in reading, so it's just something I keep in the back of my mind for me.

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Resolution #4 - Attend more in-person events at my library/local bookstores.

As I focus on building community, I want to check out what's IN my community when it comes to books. There are plenty of talks from authors, events around books, and just fun stuff to do, and I want to stretch myself and attend some of these things.

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Resolution #5 - Be intentional about content creation

I'm working this year on planning out more posts. It means I can share even more book-ish stuff with y'all, and it enhances the quality of the content I curate. I love a good plan, so this is just adding that into my reading mix.

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I'm really looking forward to what 2019 holds for my reading life. Stay tuned y'all!