Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Channeling the Blue Jay

One of my more recently acquired hobbies is birdwatching. Thanks to a bird feeder installation from my dad (a fellow birdwatcher), I have the opportunity to sit and watch the dynamics at the bird feeder. It's fascinating, y'all.

No matter who stops into the feeder I find myself most captivated by the blue jay.

Time Out. 

Before I go into more detail on this, you should know I have a special place in my heart for blue jays. You see, growing up, my grandparents had a pet blue jay named Frank. Frank was found when he was a baby, and my grandparents took him in and raised him. I thought this was a normal pet to have until I learned it wasn't. 

Growing up with Frank, I saw the intelligence of the bird, particularly in mimicking noises. Whenever I see blue jays these days, I always think of my grandparents with love - and of course, Frank, too.


What's fascinating about the blue jay in the bird feeder environment is how they show up. They're great at mimicking noises (Quick Frank fact as an illustrative point - He could mimic the phone and door bell!), and they are smart when it comes to knowing the chain of command in Bird Land. So, do you know that they do? They make the noise of a hawk. This freaks all the other birds out, so they scatter. So, there's the blue jay(s) with the meals all to themselves.

I know, I know, why am I writing about this?

I love the confidence of the blue jay. The blue jays know who they are, but they also know what they could be, and they believe that. They're willing to take a chance on what they love (food), and they come in bold and ready to go. I love how I can hear the "hawk" call, and know when I go to check out a feeder, it's always a blue jay that will be there.

I've been thinking a lot how the life the blue jay leads relates to me. I mean, y'all should know I love a good metaphor. Given my love of this bird, it only makes sense I'd seek wisdom here.

The blue jay has reminded to think big. I have ideas of where I want to be and/or of what I want to do. The blue jay reminds me of power in trying and going for it. I don't ever have to be that hawk, but I can channel that energy to get things rolling. 

I'm not going to tell you that I've got the blue jay mentality down right now. The reality is this - I don't. It's an aspirational lifestyle. Although I guess you could say that me even acknowledging that is the first step in becoming more blue jay-eseque.

I'm writing about this because I want to start more actively living that blue jay dream. I'm going to start exploring the ways of the blue jay in my own life. It's a bit of unchartered water for me. I like known plans and structure and rules. However, I want to tap more into big ideas and questions and dreams. It's going to be different, and it's a definite stretch of the comfort zone, but I'm ready to try it.

I don't have any specifics yet, but my first step? Writing this post. Consider my initial blue jay call unleashed.