Friday, August 9, 2019

Book Lovers Day - Inside the Life of a Book Lover

It's Book Lovers Day y'all! I mean, let's be real, every day is in my life, but for today, I'll be sure to read and celebrate more than usual.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to answer some of the most common questions I get as a book lover.

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary.

My mom gave me her childhood copy when I was a kid. I loved it then, and I love it just as much (if not more) now.

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Q: Do you speed read?

A: Yes. That's not a #humblebrag, rather it's just the truth. It's a gift I'm real grateful to have.

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Q: Do you read paper books or e-books? Which is better?

A: I do read both. Paper will always be superior for me. I like being able to flip ahead and see how many pages I have left, and to just see progress. I like the feeling of opening and closing a book. It's just better in all the ways.

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I have come to love my Kindle Paperwhite, too. When I travel or am on the go, I love being able to bring it along, and it holds a charge for-ev-er. I certainly don't mind the digital convenience of the e-reader, and it's a nice addition to the reading life. 

Q: When do you read? 

A: I'm an evening and night reader. I read around an hour (or more) before going to bed. I also have learned to walk and read around my house. So rather than sitting, I pace around and take in a book!

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Q: How much money do you spend on books?

A: I pride myself on being a cost-effective reader. Most new releases, I'm getting from the library. I buy most everything else used. I don't spend over $5 in that regard, and most of what I have in my to read pile was $1 or $2. I also read a lot of advanced copies which are completely (and awesomely) free. I would estimate I buy less than five books a year at full price/brand new. For such an intense hobby, I really keep it on a budget!

Q: How do you decide what to read? 

I tend to read as the mood strikes me. Because I have high empathy/emotions, I try not to read too many intense things like thrillers and/or sad books in a row. I am trying to get better at reading on a theme in a more ordered way some of the time, so we'll see how it goes. 

As far as what books I add to my list, I really just add what sounds interesting. I always like recommendations from friends because I get a window into what they like and then we have that connection. I also am on quite a few book mailing lists, so I find out about things i might dig that way, too.

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Q: If you don't like a book, do you stop? Or stick it out?

Y'all, I stop. A book gets 50 pages - 100 if I'm feeling especially generous to hook me. If it hasn't by then, I'm out.

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Q: Do you keep everything you read?

I don't. If I don't think I'm going to read something again, I go ahead and donate the book back. I most often donate back to the Friends of the Johnson County Library (who I also most often buy used books from) because the book(s) and money will go to a cause I support. I also will give books to other readers who I know might enjoy something I've read. I'd say I keep around 40ish% of what I read.

Q: Do you remember everything you read? 

Sort of. I cannot always remember all the details, but usually it'll come back to me eventually. If I can find a summary on Goodreads, something can usually jog my memory. I definitely am not great at recalling character names.

Q: Have you always loved reading?

YES. I learned how to read when I was four, and I haven't stopped since. I don't remember a time that being a bookworm, bibliophile and/or just lover of all the books wasn't a part of my identity.

Q: Where can I find out more about your love of reading?

Well, I'm glad you allowed me to end this post with my shameless plug. Follow along with my life as a bibliophile on the Club Book Mobile Facebook and Instagram.

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