Sunday, September 22, 2019

Book Reviews - Babysitters, Blue Jays, Enneagrams, and Amelia Earhart!

Again, so much for reading on a them, but also, this was so much great stuff. These four were so different, and I really, really liked each one!

The Babysitters Coven by Kate Mitchell was just such a delightful and witchy read! The story centers on Esme. She's been in a babysitters club (yes, it was inspired by that Babysitters Club) forever, and in some regards, she's outgrown it. Then, Cassandra shows up. She wants to join the club even though she's not an experienced sitter. She instead reveals she's joining because her mother left her a note instructing her to find the sitters, so she has. From there, things go all kinds of ways as Esme and Cassandra find out the real meaning of being a sitter and how this connects them. Y'all, this one was just so fun. First of all, it has some amazing BSC and 90s throwback vibes. There are all the witty references, and I was so here for that. Secondly, I really dug how the witchcraft storyline was woven into the friendships and relationships within the story. As Esme finds out more and more of the witchy truth, she learns what she thought was always true is not so much. If you're looking for a Halloween/fall-themed read, or you want to feel some major nostalgia vibes (in the most enjoyable of ways), this is a book you must get into your life. Also, let's talk about how absolutely wonderful this cover is! Thanks to Get Underlined for the advanced look at this one in exchange for me sharing my honest review!

Read this book if - You want a BSC throwback with a side of supernatural happenings. You always wondered what would happen if your 90s babysitting faves had some witchy vibes!

Saving Jemima: Life and Luck with a Hard Luck Jay by Sue Zickefosse is a love letter to blue jays. One thing to know about me is I absolutely adore blue jays. Growing up, my grandparents had a pet blue jay that my uncle had rescued. Frank was a dearly loved pet, and I grew up assuming all families knew the joy of a blue jay in the home! Well, they didn't, so this book is a great window into what this is like. Y'all, blue jays are a wonderful and fascinating bird. I loved reading this tale of another blue jay that became part of a home. This was also a great look at the life of wild blue jays. I learned so much, and I'm looking forward to putting my new knowledge to use as I watch the blue jays on my backyard feeder. I especially liked how it shared how to attract more blue jays to a feeder and what to watch for when you see them. I could rave about blue jays for days and days, and my house has slowly filled with blue jay items as a result of said adoration, so there was no doubt I'd love this one. If you share my love for the jays, then this is a must read. If you're reading this and all, "Whoa, how does she love this bird this much?!?" you should read this one and understand! 

Read this book if - You are looking for a book that is a deep dive into an animal. You want to learn all the things about the blue jay.

Millenneagram: The Enneagram Guide for Discovering Your Truest, Baddest Self by Hannah Paasch was my first foray into the Enneagram. I've been wanting to check this assessment out in depth for awhile, and I'm glad this is the place that I began! At its core, this is the Enneagram, but it's reframed for today. With this, there are pop culture examples and just a humorous and honest language. The book explains each type helping you understand yourself, while also understanding why the heck others are the way they are. The book is grounded in strong information, but throughout it's got this tone of humor. It's about not taking ourselves (or others too seriously) as we settle into who we are and show that self unapologetically to the world. For me, this was the perfect way to begin by Enneagram journey as it is good foundational knowledge in a relatable and enjoyable way. This is one that I plan on revisiting often as I learn more about my own type (1w2) and that of others!

Read this book if - You want to learn more about the Enneagram. You've started doing some Enneagram work, and you'd like to look at it from a unique perspective.

Amelia Earhart (First Name Series) by Andrew Prentice was such an unexpectedly informative and enthralling read! As a Kansan, Amelia Earhart is a historical figure I have always known. While I know some of her story as a female pilot, as well as the tragedy of her death, this was an outstanding deep dive into her life for kids! What I appreciated most was the honesty with which her story was told. It didn't shy away from mentioning some of her struggles with family, and that's a critical part of her story. I also appreciated how it framed up how she came to love flying and what it meant for a woman to take on this pursuit. As I was reading an advanced copy of this one (thanks to Abram Books for that!), I thought I might just do a skim of a story I already knew. Instead, I found a read that invigorated my interest into Amelia's story. This is an incredibly well done biography of Amelia Earhart for kids, and if you're an adult who wants to (re)visit her story, this is also a great place to start!

Read this book if - You know a lot or a little about Amelia Earhart and want to know more!