Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Book Reviews - Thrillers, Love and Cruising with the BSC

And just like that, I've got another round of books to share. Here we go!

Husband Material by Emily Belden was a book I reviewed for a blog tour stop. Find out what I thought and get an author Q&A HERE.

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The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy is a thriller I have mixed feelings about. The story focuses on the May Mothers, a group of new mothers who have turned online community into IRL community. The group decides to go for a Moms Night Out, although Winnie, a single mom, is reluctant to leave her son Midas. However, the other moms convince her he'll be okay and secure a babysitter for her. However, the night turns to tragedy when Midas is missing. The questions then begin about Winnie, as well as with all the May Mothers. I think my issue with this is that I didn't feel like I got to know any of the characters, so it was hard to feel that suspense and drama in this. I recognize this may have been intentional as the May Mothers really came together by happenstance and also didn't know that about each other. However, it was then hard to only know each of these women on a surface level, and because of that I struggled to follow the plot and remember who was who.

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Babysitters Club Super Special #1: Babysitters On Board was actually not a book I'd read in my BSC prime. In this one, the Pike family is going on a cruise and brings Stacey and Mary Anne along as babysitters. Well, Kristy's stepfather finds out (who is super rich btw, and they mention this all the damn time), and he decides he'll take his family on the same cruise, and bring Dawn and Claudia, too. I'm not really going to review or recap here as that's weird to do with these. Instead, I'll offer some lingering questions and reflections. First off, did we all just have more freedom in the nineties?! There's a part of the story where the cruise docks in Nassau, and the babysitters are allowed to just go out on their own!?!? Then, the same thing happens at Disney World except they also go off with boys they just met?!? It was strange y'all. However, I forever love a super special, and this was always going to be my jam.

The Last Woman in the Forest by Diane Les Becquets was such an intriguing thriller. Also, when you finish this read, be sure to read the author's note and acknowledgments. Her connection to what you have just read amplifies the content in a way that's worth understanding and knowing. The story focuses on Marian who works with rescue dogs. In the course of this work, she falls in love with Tate who is then tragically killed. Upon his death, Marian starts to learn more about him and has questions. Specifically, she wonders if he might be involved in four unsolved murders of young women. Marian reaches out to a retired profiler who once worked with these murders for help. She has to know the truth about Tate, and she believes this man is the only person who can give that to her. Told through flashbacks to her story with Tate, investigations in the present, and the work this profiler has done, this one is a wild ride. Marian wonders if she ever knew this man, and there is a captivating quest to find out who Tate and this murderer were/are, and if they are one in the same. I love a thriller that works with multiple timelines, and this one did that masterfully. Suspense was built as both timelines converged, and it was a wild end!

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