Saturday, March 13, 2021

Book Reviews - Late to All the Parties

For this round of reads, I was just late to reading. It was two blog tours that didn't get posted on time, an ARC that has been out for a year, and an adaptation where I hadn't read the source material. All that mind this an interesting round. . .

Girlhood by Masuma Ahuja was a blog tour stop you can check out here.

How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian was a blog tour stop you can check out here.

Providence by Max Barry is not a genre that I read ever. This is also an advanced copy from March 2020 that I'm just now getting to which is more about me than anything else. The start of the pandemic just wasn't a time I was ready to delve into exploring the discovery of alien life. Again, this is about me as a reader. Anyway. This story is about astronauts who are chosen to taken on a hostile alien force seven years after they were first encountered. Each astronaut is selected for the mission for a specific reason, AND each of these humans has their own "stuff" they bring to the mission. The story is about the aliens, but more than anything, it's about the people who have been tasked with taking on the mission. It's a lot of pressure to lead this work, and they feel this. It's good for me to read outside my normal zone every once in awhile, and I appreciated the angle this one took on in exploring what an alien encounter might look like in the (not so distant) future. 

Ladies of the House: A Modern Retelling of Sense and Sensibility by Lauren Edmondson was a modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility. Here's the thing, y'all, I haven't read S&S, seen the movie, and am not actually familiar with the original story. With that base knowledge, I think I would have enjoyed this more as I could connect that adaptation with the source material. This context (or lack thereof) influenced my reading experience for sure. The story focuses on a family scandal. Senator Gregory Richardson has died . . . in the presence of his young mistress. Thirtysomething Daisy then returns home to help her mother and to help prepare the family estate to be sold as they are in financial ruin. As the story goes, more secrets are revealed about her father, and Daisy has to figure out how to keep the pieces together which is not an easy feat. I really felt like I was missing something not knowing S&S, and it also was an interesting story about what to do when family secrets bubble to the surface! Thanks to NetGalley for this early look at this recent release!

Onto the next ones!