Thursday, August 19, 2021

Book Reviews - Books I Was Destined to Love

Y'all, sometimes you just go into books and know you're going to love them. These are 100% those types of books!

Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis was just a treat of a romance novel. It was just a joy of a story, and I absolutely adored it. The story begins with two motorists, Sam and Noelle, who are stranded on a highway in a blizzard. Sam helps Noelle, and in doing this, they realize they have an amazing connection. They spend an incredible eight hours together, and then, they just go their separate ways. At least they think that's what is going to happen. Somehow, they keep running into each other, and that connection is still there. Things just keeping bringing them together, and Sam and Noelle start to wonder what this all means. Again, this was just a delight, and sometimes you need that. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this upcoming September 2021 release!

Take Me Home Tonight by Morgan Matson was always going to be a book I loved. It was truly just a matter of how much. Y'all, this was a story about two high school theatre kids spending a night in NYC. In an unfortunate chain of events, they're without their phones and have to navigate the city and a whole host of challenges. This had all the vibes of an 80s teen comedy, and I'm forever here for that. It was a story that was just so absolutely and completely right up my alley and just gave me so much joy.

This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron was such a wild ride of a fairy tale/fantasy story. This is the second book from this genre that I've read by this author, and she is so great in this lane (Additional Plug: Read Cinderella Is Dead!) Briseis has a special gift when it comes to working with plants. When her biological aunt dies, Briseis is left her estate, and her family decides to spend the summer there. Then, weird stuff starts happening. A strange cast of characters shows up, and Briseis does some digging she finds out that there is a complex web to work through. Figuring out what's happened and could happen now falls on Briseis shoulders, and navigating it all is going to be no easy task. This was such a unique premise and tale, and I'm so very ready to keep reading this series!

The Turn of the Silver Wheel by Shawn Keller Cooper is the second in a series about three sorority sisters. There are some connections to their collegiate days, but it's moreso about the women they've each grown into which isn't without lots of challenge and hardship. What I love about this series is the realness with which the stories are told. While fiction, the emotions are raw and authentic. I also appreciate that they cover topics that are heavy, but it's stuff that needs to be talked about and explored! Before diving into this one, you definitely need (and are definitely going to want) to check out Drawing Down the Moon just so you can get to know and (then continue to learn through this one) the captivating stories of these women as individual and sisters through the years. 

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