Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Book Reviews - Must Read Magic!

Y'all, this is one of those quartets where each and every book is a must read. This was such a great quartet. There were strong characters, amazing plots, and incredible twists. I always love when I can find a good "streak" in my reads, and this was so, so much of that.

The Perfect Guests by Emma Raus is a story built around the people associated with Raven Hall in two separate, but connected times. It was a storytelling format I adore in that it was dual timelines focusing on two different women. The first part of the story takes place in 1988. Beth is taken to the mansion as a young girl to be the companion to Nina. She forms a friendship with her, but she's also asked to engage in some family deception which makes her feel a certain kind of way. Then, in 2019, Sallie is a struggling actress who receives a call to be part of an event at Raven Hall. She has no idea why she's been chosen for this role, but decides to go. As each story goes, it seems there might be some connections between now and then. And y'all, I loved how these developed. I knew there was something there, but the slow burn of the fusion was especially well done. Thanks to NetGalley for letting me check out this one!

Lies Like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez was two thrillers in one, and it was just brilliantly done. Hannah and her friends are just having a good time. That is until they spark (literally) a fire - a wildfire that quickly gets out of hand. Hannah is keenly aware of the dangers and impacts of fire as her father is a sheriff. With the fire raging, Hannah and her friends decide to keep the secret between them about what they know happened. However, keeping this secret isn't as easy as it seems, and the guilt and lies start to affect each of them. Then, something else goes down to create even more suspicion. This is also where the second round of thrills begin. This one was some kind of ride y'all. I LOVED how twisty it was and how the lies (and truth) pervaded the whole story. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this September 2021 release!

November 9 by Colleen Hoover is my third book by this author, and y'all, this woman can write a twist. Each book is so well-written, sucks you in, and then something unexpected just hits like whoa. This book focuses on a unique arrangement between two people who meet by chance and make an immediate strong connection. Fallon and Ben meet in a diner the day before Fallon is preparing for a big move. They spend the day together, then make an agreement that meeting on this day (November 9) each year will be their thing. Ben is an author, and he also wants to tell Fallon's story through this connection. This does mean Fallon wonders if Ben's motives are real or if there's something else at play. Y'all, this is one of those twists where my literal jaw dropped. It was that good, and it was just so incredible how this book shapeshifted into multiple genres. This was so far from what I expected in the very best of ways.

Dante and Aristotle Dive into the Waters of the World by Benjamin Alire Saenz is a sequel I've been (impatiently) waiting for because I'm just so darn captivated by the story of Dante and Aristotle. This picks up where the first book left off in that Dante and Aristotle have realized what an incredible connection they have. They've navigated life and adventures as friends and now they're taking on a new adventure of navigating the world in love. Above all else, you should know this book is beautifully written. Dante and Aristotle are characters that the author brings to life in such a wonderful and amazing way. I could tell you the plot, but really what makes me love this series so very much is the humans in the story. This was such an outstanding way to continue this powerful tale. Thanks to NetGalley and S&S Book Club Favorites for the early look at this October 2021 release.

Onto the next ones!