Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Book Reviews - (More) Captivating Stories

For this round, the theme is easy to identify y'all - It was just stuff that captivated me. There were thrills and twists, wonderful characters, and just masterful use of language that is worth checking out all around! 

Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid was such a captivating story. At this point, I have come to know (and love) that this is what I'm always going to get from this author. This book focuses on the formation and eventual break-up of the band Daisy Jones and the Six. While this was fictional, it read like it was a real recounting of a band as it was so unbelievably real and well done. The story of the band is told through interviews which is what makes it especially captivating. Different members of the band walk through the history and evolution of where they went both the good stuff and the really not great stuff. It was so drawn into their story throughout. It was quite the ride, and that's what made it so captivating. This was a great little musical journey through the ups and downs of a 70s rock band and its members!

The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen was another brilliant thriller by this writing pair. Again, I know to expect this, and I just dig the thrills and twists they build into their story. The story focuses on a couple who has sought out a therapist due to the wife cheating. This therapist guarantees that she can fix you in ten sessions. The only thing is - She's no longer licensed. However, the couple is willing to give her a chance to fix the broken trust and cracks in their marriage. Along the way, you learn more about not just the couple, but the therapist. You quickly learn there is something going on with all parties, and it is just a matter of all the pieces coming together which is what makes the suspense so, so good. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this March 2022 release! This is another pageturner you're going to need in your life.

I Hope This Finds You Well: Poems by Kate Baer was honestly a collection of poems I knew nothing about prior to picking it up. That said, I was so quickly drawn in and captivated by the author's unique and brilliant work. Each erasure poem is adapted from a terrible internet comment. There is such incredible power and insight in her words as she takes on a toxic space which cannot be an easy thing to do. Thanks to the publisher for the early look at this brilliant and emotional read.

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell was an intriguing thriller. I love a dual timeline thriller, and this one was unique in that the timelines were only a year about. Both timelines involve the disappearance of a young couple. One night, Kim's daughter Talullah and her boyfriend go to a party. Kim is left to take care of their baby for the night. And then, the couple never returns. A year in the future an author shows up in the area, and clues lead her to the cold case. She is drawn to finding out the truth, and she starts to reconnect with those who might know something. I will say for me this one was a slow burn as I went. However, in the last quarter of the book, it really picked up! There were some solid twists (especially at the very end) as all secrets were revealed, and there were some things I definitely did not see coming. Thanks to S&S Book Club Favorites for the sneak peek at this recent release!

Onto the next ones!