Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Rough Draft: A MemoirRough Draft: A Memoir by Katy Tur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is an interesting experience to read the memoir of someone you know nothing about. However, when an invitation to read this one landed in my inbox, I was intrigued. Y'all, I'm so glad I checked this one out, and I now want to know even more about the author! The story focuses on the author's reflections on a life in journalism. This starts with her parents who captured some of the most memorable news stories of the twentieth century through helicopter reporting. The story then goes into her own beginnings and journey through the news industry from local news to international work to her days following the T***p campaign to being an anchor. Throughout, she is candid and honest about the struggles she encounters as well as the lessons she learns. The story isn't just about her as a professional, but also a person. In particular, she talks about the abuse in her childhood from her father, as well as her father's transition to a woman. In these reflections, she reflects on the emotions and lasting feelings of the experiences. I appreciated that this was truly the author's memoir in that she talked about herself as a professional, but also the human she is. Again, as someone who knew nothing going in, I felt I truly got a window into this woman. Thanks to NetGalley for the early look at this upcoming June 2022 release!

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