About Me

About Andrea R.B.K.

Hello, and welcome to my newest blog adventure. My (mis)adventures began with a xanga that is thankfully buried somewhere in the interwebs, continued with a tumblr chronicling my mid-twenties and most recently I had a sporadically updated tumblr cataloging my life as a newlywed.

I'm a lifelong Kansan with a sprinkle of Texan. I grew up the most wonderful small town, Auburn, KS, then moved to the 'burbs of Shawnee, KS when I was 12. I went to Kansas State University for my undergraduate degreee where I joined a sorority as a way to meet people, then ended up turning that experience into my career. I then went to the University of Kansas for my master's degree in higher education administration. Following graduation, I decided to try life outside of the Sunflower State. I spent the first four years of my career working at Texas A&M University. There is truly no place like Aggieland. However, there's also no place like home (Wizard of Oz reference, obvs), and after four years, I moved back home to work at my first alma mater, K-State. I then had the opportunity to work at my other alma mater, KU. And for the last 2.5 years, I have been working remotely (aka from my home in KC where I can wear sweatpants to work) for a national organization designing educational curriculum and strategies.

When I moved back to Kansas in 2011, I thought I'd give online dating a try. In October 2011, I met my very first eHarmony match for our first date. He ended up being fifty (yes, 5-0) minutes late, but once he showed up, we started talking, and well, we haven't stopped. We were married in November 2014, and he's just the very best thing that's happened to me, even if he is a Cardinals fan.

Other assorted things to know: I start every morning with a cup of coffee, and I'm not much fun to talk to without it. I read a ridiculous amount of books and love making book recommendations to any and every one. As this blog has evolved, much of it is focused on my life as a bibliophile. You can can find more of that at Club Book Mobile, my ever-evolving online book community. I adore the Kansas City Royals despite the emotional repercussions (with the exception of 2014 and 2015) this fandom often provides. My favorite hobbies are cross-stitching, antiquing and repurposing "stuff" to be home decor. Oh, and I watch a crazy amount of TV and have an uncanny ability to compare real life to some episode of some show I've watched.